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The Collaboration-Network-Platform

Together we build better.

The Mobility.E Lighthouse is a collaboration and networking platform of excellent projects to keep the European industry ahead of the global competition. It assists in the uptake of future relevant technologies for electric, connected, automated driving (ECAD) and mobility solutions that address societal challenges.

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23 - 24 Sep. | Bruessel

ECA2030 – Strengthen the ECAD ecosystem.

Join a vibrant discussion on urgent research priorities for electric, connected, automated driving (ECAD) at the interface of the automotive and ECS sectors and get in contact with the right people to solve current and future implementation challenges.

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The Mission

Supporting the European innovation ecosystem for all sectors of mobility and keeping the industry at the edge of competition.

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The Value Chain

A strong network & steady collaboration between all the different disciplines is key when solving & overcoming new challenges.

Non-technical categories:
Technical categories:
Smart Products
HW Modules
ICs & Mems
EDA Technologies
Manufacturing Technologies, Materials &
SW Modules
SW Technologies
HW ModulesSW ModulesComponents, ICs & MemsSW Technologies
EDA TechnologiesManufacturing Technologies, Materials & EquipmentsSDKs (certified compliers) & debuggers, virtualisations
SDKs (certified
compliers) & debuggers,
Traditional automotive sector


The Mobility.E Lighthouse will…

Establish a strong collaboration between the automotive and electronic components systems.

Address major technological, legal and infrastructure innovation challenges to reach the large-scale deployment of new solutions.

Support the roadmap towards safe, electric, connected and autonomous smart mobility.

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